Intech Manufacturing produces a variety of valve types, including ball, instrumentation, miniature, truck, plug, drain, purge, multiport, float, gate, globe, angle, strainer, needle, check valves and more.

According to valve materials required by the customer, the most common valves include those made from stainless steel, brass, and carbon steel.

  • Ball valves are widely used in petroleum, pipeline transportation, chemical, papermaking, pharmaceutical, electric, metallurgy, and water conservation applications. They are applicable for flow shutoff, distribution, and directional change. The ball valve will be tightly closed when it pivots 90° via a small pivoting moment.
  • Instrumentation valves are just one type of pipeline fitting, and are most often used to control media flow, either by changing flow direction or the passage section. These valves are installed on instrument panels with a handle above the panel, and a valve body below the panel for an aesthetically pleasing equipment appearance.
  • Miniature valves feature a compact design and cost-effective price, making them suitable for switching pipeline media in a small workspace.
  • Plug valves are applicable to LPG and nature gas processing industries. The operating pressure is 30 PSI and 150 PSI. Brass valve handles capable of pivoting a full 360° are available.
  • Truck valves are hard seal valves, widely used for water, oil and coolant fluid discharge in heavy trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. The maximum operating pressure is 250 PSI. Truck valves are not suitable for dealing with natural gas and LPG.
  • Drain valves are used for draining water and other fluid. They are easily mounted on water tank cases for easy operation. The designed operating pressure is 150 PSI with a hard or soft seal available depending on customer needs.
  • Multiport valves are used to divert media flow to multiple ports. Equipped with a miniature valve, the multiport valve can serve as an on/off functioning valve and allows media flow into certain pipes.
  • The float valve (also ballcock) consists of a float and a lever and is primarily used for controlling water levels in water towers and tanks. The float valve is easy to maintain, exceptionally durable, and features a precise liquid level control. It is tightly closed to prevent water leakage.
Intech Manufacturing is a professional manufacturer of standard and custom valves, couplings and fittings, machining parts, plastic parts, and rubber parts, etc. We can provide custom products made from stainless steel, brass, bronze, carbon steel, aluminum, and plastic. Besides manufacturing, we also offer business sourcing for any valves, fittings, hoses or machining parts that we do not make at home location. In accordance to your special needs, we can provide customized one-stop solutions for you.

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