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Custom Products
    1. Precision Machined Castings and Forgings
    2. Precision Machined Castings and Forgings Intech Manufacturing supplies customers with high quality machine forged and cast parts at prices that allow customers to gain and maintain a competitive edge.
    1. Manifold
    2. Manifold Material: aluminum, brass, stainless steel Application: multidirectional flow diversion in pipelines A mini valve can be equipped as the flow control switch. If pipe ports are not needed, they can be plugged. The manifold can be installed with quick connect couplings and fittings for easy connection to other pipes.
    1. Air Tank
    2. Air Tank Air tanks are used for air storage and pressure maintaining. The air tanks can work with safety valves, pressure gauges and sight glass. The surface of air tank can be sprayed, electrophoresed or anodized according to customer’s requirements.
    1. Air Blow Gun
    2. Air Blow Gun Material: plastic, aluminum, zinc alloy, brass Temperature range: 0-60℃ Thread: BSP1/4”, NPT1/4" OR BSPP 1/4" Working pressure: 0-150psi
    1. Filter Element & Muffler
    2. Filter Element & Muffler The muffler is designed with a super sound-off, low back pressure and metal casing. A self-cleaning brass and stainless steel 50/60 mesh filter screen are mounted on the pneumatic valve’s air outlet, reducing noise levels and preventing debris from entering the valve.
    1. Solenoid Valve
    2. Solenoid Valve A&B Knob operated Solenoid Valve CE, UL certified Open time: 0.5-45min (adjustable) Closing time: 0.5-10s (adjustable)
    1. Pressure Gauge
    2. Pressure Gauge Dial: with psi, bar, MPa or KPa scale Working temperature: -4 °F to 212 °F (-20 ℃ to 100 ℃) Material for case and bezel: ABS, stainless steel, chrome plated steel
    1. Rubber & Plastic Parts
    2. Rubber & Plastic Parts Intech Manufacturing can implement plastic injection molding and rubber injection molding technologies to provide high quality and competitively priced plastic and rubber parts.
    1. Mini valves on air compressor
    1. Drain valves, solenoid valves and fittings.
    1. Sheet metal parts are used as airbag support in pneumatic suspension applications.
    1. Intech Manufacturing provides gas tanks for mountain bicycles, which are used for gas storage and pressure maintenance. The gas tanks can be used with a pressure gauge, safety valve, and sight glass.
    1. Precision machined castings and forgings can be used for trailer coupling or other vehicle parts.
    1. A Y-type strainer is an optimal choice for upstream control, protecting valves, pumps, and instruments against rust, contamination, and dirt.
    1. Couplings and fittings

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