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Bronze Valves

    1. Bronze Check Valves
    2. Bronze Check Valves Working pressure: 250 PSI Temperature range: -40 °F to 450°F (-40℃ to 230℃) Cracking pressure: 3 PSI
    1. Bronze Ball Valves
    2. Bronze Ball Valves Working pressure: 600 PSI WSP Rating: 150 PSI Temperature range: -20 ° F to +365 ° F (-30 ℃ to +185 ℃)
Intech Manufacturing is a professional manufacturer of standard and custom valves, couplings and fittings, machining parts, plastic parts, and rubber parts, etc. We can provide custom products made from stainless steel, brass, bronze, carbon steel, aluminum, and plastic. Besides manufacturing, we also offer business sourcing for any valves, fittings, hoses or machining parts that we do not make at home location. In accordance to your special needs, we can provide customized one-stop solutions for you.

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