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  • Intech Industries Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Intech Industries Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Experienced, since the 2004 year
  • Multi-faceted process includes Manufacturing, Sourcing and Distribution
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  • Technical Assistance & Design
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  • Abundant Stocking for Products with Standard Specifications
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    1. Valves
    2. ValvesIntech Manufacturing produces a variety of valve types, including ball, instrumentation, miniature, truck, plug, drain, purge, multiport, float, gate, globe, angle, strainer, needle, check valves and more.
    1. Air Regulators / Filters / Lubricators
    2. Air Regulators / Filters / LubricatorsRated inlet pressure up to 140 PSI (10 bar)
      Ambient and fluid temperature: 41 °F to 140 °F (5 °C to 60 °C)
      Port threads: NPT, PT, or BSPP
    1. Sight Glass Windows/Sight Flow Indicators
    2. Sight Glass Windows/Sight Flow IndicatorsA sight glass, also called a sight window or sight flow indicator, provides a precise method for seeing inside a tank or process vessel. Operators use sight glass to visually verify stages of a process, inspect process media, and to observe liquid levels.
    1. Float Ball Valves/Liquid-Level Gauges
    2. Float Ball Valves/Liquid-Level GaugesThe float ball valve is comprised of the float rod, float ball and other parts, and is used for regulating the flow and maintaining a constant level in a service reservoir, water tank or standpipe.
    1. Pressure Gauges
    2. Pressure GaugesCase and Bezel: Chrome plated steel
      Tough polycarbonate lens
      Accuracy: +/-5% (for oil, water, gas or any non-corrosive media)
    1. Drain Valves
    2. Drain Valves Capacity up to 200 gallons/h
      Working pressure: 230 PSI
      Max. working temperature: 200 ℉
    1. Air Hoses
    2. Air HosesWorking pressure: 185 PSI
      Temperature range: -40 °F to 176 °F(-40 °C to 80°C)
      Coil spring guards on both ends
    1. Couplings & Fittings
    2. Couplings & FittingsThe fire hose adapters and fittings feature heavy duty brass construction, which are used for connecting between garden hoses and hydrants.
    1. Mini valves on air compressor
    1. Drain valves, solenoid valves and fittings.
    1. Sheet metal parts are used as airbag support in pneumatic suspension applications.
    1. Intech Manufacturing provides gas tanks for mountain bicycles, which are used for gas storage and pressure maintenance. The gas tanks can be used with a pressure gauge, safety valve, and sight glass.
    1. Precision machined castings and forgings can be used for trailer coupling or other vehicle parts.
    1. A Y-type strainer is an optimal choice for upstream control, protecting valves, pumps, and instruments against rust, contamination, and dirt.
    1. Couplings and fittings